Thursday, April 25, 2019


St James’ & St Andrew’s new vicar writes about his first month...

We arrived in the two parishes on the 20th September, having moved into the Rectory over August. My wife and I have come back to the City from our last parish of St Peter’s Hammersmith and from Rachel’s last job as the Archdeacon of Northolt. The Licensing service was a super occasion, full of joy and celebration -- and with the right amount of challenge from the Bishop of London. Challenge to look forward, challenge to not dwell in the past, and challenge to truly be a blessing to the people of our parishes.

Looking back, it seems an excellent introduction to all that our parishes are: worshipping, prayerful, hospitable, kind, welcoming, and deeply rooted in the areas and communities we’re situated in. Good things. And things I am keen to build on.

Quite frequently I'm asked how I'm finding things – being new to Ministry in the City and parishes -- and the answer I continue to give is that it's a privilege -- an exciting privilege. A privilege to be invited into the highs and lows of peoples lives. A privilege to proclaim the Gospel -- to bear witness to the love of God made manifest in Jesus Christ; a privilege to invite His people to confess and “draw near”, and to give assurance of God’s forgiveness; a privilege to say the Lord's Prayer with them; a privilege to lead our work to build things up for the parishes’ future, to deepen our relationships with old friends and to strive to make new ones. 'Thank you' seems far too insubstantial.

However, all that being said, there always remains much to do: "the harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few" (Luke 10.22). And we always could do with more help. So please come grab me if you'd like to get more involved. There are lots of different opportunities – and we're looking at widening these ever further. Pray about what might be the best next step for you, and then do something about it. Just as the credit crunch is bringing a new season to the economy, consider how this time could be a new season in your journey. I pray that it be springtime.

Peace and every good thing,


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