Friday, August 07, 2020

Christmas carol services this year

Looking for a Christmas Carol service this December? Look no further!

Between St James (SJG) and St Michael (SMPR), we have eighteen offerings this season! Please come along!


Dec 2 at 6pm: Royal Mail (SJG)

Dec 3 at 2pm: Mission to Seafarers (SMPR)

Dec 5 at 6pm: Clockmakers (SJG)

Dec 6 at 5.30: Parish Clerks St Nicholas Day Eucharist (SJG)

Dec 9 at 3pm: Friends of City Churches (SJG)

Dec 9 at 6pm: Fanmakers/Fuellers (SJG)

Dec 10 at 6pm: Little Ship Club (SMPR)

Dec 10 at 6.30: Vintners (SJG)

Dec 11 at 6pm: Skinners (SJG)

Dec 12 at 6pm: Coachmakers (SJG)

Dec 13 at 5pm: Curriers (SMPR)

Dec 16 at 1pm: City carols (SJG)

Dec 16 at 5pm: Painters (SJG)

Dec 16 at 6.30: Joiners (SJG)

Dec 17 at 5.30: Historic England (SMPR)

Dec 18 at 6.30: Needlemakers (SJG)

Dec 19 at 5.30: Horners (SJG)

Dec 19 at 6.30: Bates Wells (SMPR)